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The Ganzfeld Experiment uses a sensory deprivation methodology to help connect you to the spirits (a cousin of the Estes Method).  You listen to white noise with ping pong balls over your eyes and a red light shined on you.
Our goggles combine it all into one item.  Put on the goggles, plug in and put on your favorite headphones, close your eyes, turn it on, and let your mind drift.  Say out loud anything you see, hear, or feel. We recommend not doing it for more then 15 minutes.


Yes, that is Dave Schrader in the photo wearing Ganzfeld Goggles.

Ganzfeld Goggles are made to order. Please allow 2-6 weeks before they are ready to ship. (2 weeks if I have all the parts on hand, up to 6 weeks if parts need to be ordered).

Ganzfeld Goggles

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