Empty Casket Podcast

Welcome Undertakers to Empty Casket Paranormal!


We are a small group of investigators located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, whose main goal is to gather evidence of the paranormal and the unexplained and to present and share our finding with the world. Our plan for this podcast is to share our investigations, go over experiences and possibly compare them with similar findings. Though this is a subject that holds great passion to us we  wish to maintain a logical and skeptical mindset and will be picking apart our experiences to try to eliminate the possibilities and to discover the impossibilities. Subjects that we plan on discussing will include paranormal, cryptids, U.F.Os, our process, beliefs and the technical equipment we use and are interested in, plus other unexplained mysteries that hold interest to us. We hope you will join us on our adventure and share your own experiences, provide feedback and simply be entertained.

You can find our podcast on your favorite podcast player.  Please share our podcast with friends and family.  With a small independent podcast like ours, word of mouth is how we will grow and continue to put out episodes.

Episode 0 - Introduction

Good evening, Undertakers.
In this inaugural episode of the Empty Casket Podcast, get introduced to the hosts, Bill Bryan and Tanya Gilroy, our paranormal investigative group (Empty Casket Paranormal), and our podcast.  We talk about what to expect from us in future episodes and some of our planned investigations and episode ideas.

Episode 1 - Gettysburg Investigation

In our first real episode, we take you to Gettysburg Pennsylvania.   You'll get a brief history of the Battle of Gettysburg, the hauntings of Gettysburg, and Bill's history with paranormal investigations in Gettysburg.   
The main course of the show will dive into the investigation that formed Empty Casket Paranormal.  In October of 2020 your hosts, Bill and Tanya, went to Gettysburg to investigate the paranormal.  Find out what happened to them at the Triangular Field, Little Round Top, and the Peach Orchard.  What methods they used in the Farnsworth Inn, and what they experienced in the 1863 Inn at Gettysburg.
After enjoying this episode, head over to the Empty Casket Paranormal YouTube page to watch the video and listen to the audio captured during this investigation.