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Investigative Equipment

Empty Casket Equipment

Empty Casket Paranormal now makes its own line equipment.  We offer Coffin-Pods (full sized REM-Pods), RIP-Pods (pocket sized REM-Pods), Koffin-II (upgraded K2 meter), and more.  Click the picture below to visit our Etsy shop.


Full Spectrum Cameras

ECP uses a variety of still frame, video, and action cameras.  All of which have been modified to work, not just in the visible light spectrum, but in the infrared and ultra-violet spectrums.


Spirit Boxes

ECP uses the SP-7 Spirit Box to make contact with the spirits/entities.  These are primarily used when conducting an Estes Method Session.


Voice Recorders

During investigations, ECP uses voice recorders constantly.  Digital recorders are used for record keeping, Estes sessions, and EVP sessions.  In addition, analog tape recorders are sometimes used for EVP sessions.


EMF Meters

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Environmental Conditions Data Loggers

Our purpose is to scientifically document paranormal events.  This requires the collection of data.  We use a variety of dataloggers to measure magnetic field, electric field, RF, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, and carbon monoxide.  It is our hope to find some kind of correlation between these various  environmental conditions and paranormal events.

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