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Our Mission

What is beyond this life? Do our souls ascend to a heavenly paradise, or do we merely disappear into the cosmos? Is there other life beyond our own existence? Does it dwell within our universe or does it exist within a multi-dimensional realm? Are ghosts real? Do they haunt our homes, our lands, or our selves?  Do they have the power to control our bodies and minds? Is there truly such a thing as a Bigfoot, Mothman, or other unknown creatures that lurk within the outskirts of our lives? Are we alone, or part of an unimaginable, mystical and wonderful universe of spirits, monsters, and the beyond?


Empty Casket was created with these questions in mind. We have a thirst to seek that which is unknown and to document our findings in a practical and scientific manner. We are neither 100% skeptic nor 100% believer, but instead have a healthy balance of both sides and believe these adventures need to be approached in a logical and well thought out approach. We do not consider ourselves to be experts, we are just curious minds that have a love for the paranormal. We are students of the universe, willing to listen, learn and respect a world that goes beyond our comprehension. 


Our approach is to utilize the scientific method and scientific techniques to document as thoroughly as possible when performing investigations. These range from surveying the external environments (including atmospheric conditions, the electromagnetic environment, carbon monoxide levels, etc.) to measuring and tracking our own psyche and mental and physical well-being so that we are approaching each investigation with a logical and open mind.   Using this approach we hope to determine if there is any correlation between our physical and measurable world and the world of the spiritual and supernatural.


Our hope is to grow our small team and share our approaches and data with others who share the same interests and love of the supernatural as we do. As we grow, we will be blogging our findings and keeping updated information on our investigations in order to develop new ideas, questions and hopefully find answers to the questions that we seek. 


Sweet Dreams,


Empty Casket Team

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