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In the early 1900s, William T. Braham created the Telepathic Spirit Communicator.  It was meant as a competitor to the Ouija board.  The key difference is that instead of the planchette being free to roam, the planchette rides within a rail.  Doing this makes the planchette only move side to side while pointing at the letters.

This is the Empty Casket take on the Telepathic Spirit Communicator.   It features the board itself with the rail that the planchette rides in, ornate scroll work, and a light burgundy letter field.   The back of the board has a little history of William T. Braham and the Telepathic Spirit Communicator.  The planchette is somewhat bat shaped with a brass pointer, and holds the logo of the communicator.

This Spirit Communicator is great for use in a séance, to add to a spirit board collection, or simply as a decorative item.

These Telepathic Spirit Communicators are hand made and in limited quantities due to me making them on my own.  I make them in small batches before switching over to other equipment we sell.
When we run out, don't fret, we will make more.

Telepathic Spirit Communicator

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