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Empty Casket Paranormal has made its own Spirit Board.  Being a lover of all thing Viking, we at Empty Casket wanted a Spirit Board that would make the gods proud, and so we deisigned a spirit board that uses the Viking runic alphabet, the elder futhark.

Each board has the solar cross (Odin's cross), a Norse lunar pendant, Mjolnir (Thor's hammer), Slepnir (Odin's eight legged horse), and the Valknut.  The letters are in elder futhark with english letters beneath.  The numbers are also done in a Nordic style with standard numbers beneith.  The "Yes", "No", and "Goodbye" are spelled out in elder futhark.

You have the choice of planchette, either a raven or Vegvisir (the viking compass and Icelandic bind rune).

This Runic Spirit Board is great for use in a séance, to add to a spirit board collection, or simply as a decorative item.

These Runic Spirit Boards are hand made and in limited quantities due to me making them on my own.  I make them in small batches before switching over to other equipment we sell.
When we run out, don't fret, we will make more.

Runic Spirit Board

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