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Investigation at Gettysburg and the Formation of Empty Casket - Part 1

Taking my girlfriend for her first trip to Gettysburg and ghost investigation leads to the formation of a ghost hunting group.

I (Bill) am very familiar with Gettysburg. I have been there multiple times; both for the history of it and the opportunities for ghost hunting. The first time I went was with a ghost hunting group I belonged to in college; Paranormal Wonders and Neo-Ethereal Detectives, PWNED. We were a bunch of college kids who got caught up in the frenzy around the, at that time, new show called Ghost Hunters. After investigating a few places around our hometown (Scranton, Pa.) we decided to spend our fall break in Gettysburg. We didn't catch any evidence, and spent most of the time trying not to get lost and just enjoying our little road trip. For most of PWNED, it marked one of the last paranormal investigations done, but for me, it sparked an interested that has only grown.

Since then I have visited Gettysburg numerous times, most when I happen to be in the area and I stop in town for a few hours. Three years ago I went for a long weekend with my brother, Stephen. We spent the days touring the town and battlefield and learning about the battle. Come night fall, we took ghost tours and partook in guided ghost hunting events. We didn't encounter anything, and the ghost hunt seemed...overinflated (although the walking ghost tour was great).

Last year we went back. Visited different museums, took different ghost tours, and did a different ghost hunt with Gettysburg Ghost Tours/Gettysburg Paranormal Association. This was much better. We had more interaction.

We also stayed at a haunted hotel, the 1863 Inn of Gettysburg. The 5th floor is said to be haunted by a child, George. So in our room on the 5th floor; I placed a K-II meter on the bed, asked George to touch it, and the lights went from green to orange. After a few more times of the lights changing when asked, I realized I wasn't recording it. Sadly, once I took out my phone to record it, everything stopped. And naturally, my brother didn't believe me (he wasn't in the room when it happened).

So I decided that I was going to go back to Gettysburg this fall, on my own, stay in the Farnsworth Inn, and spend a night doing nothing but ghost hunting. So I told all this to my girlfriend, Tanya, on our first date. She had never been to Gettysburg, but wanted to go, and wanted to try ghost hunting.

So we made plans to go from October 15 - 17. Staying at the Farnsworth Inn on the 15th, and the 1863 Inn of Gettysburg on the 16th. We went as prepared as we could be, and had the paranormal experience that we craved...but we wanted more.

Read about our Gettysburg experience in Part 2.


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