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Investigation at Gettysburg and Formation of Empty Casket - Part 3

Taking my girlfriend for her first trip to Gettysburg and ghost investigation leads to the formation of a ghost hunting group.

In Part 2, we covered Tanya's and my experiences in Gettysburg. They were quite profound and really left us with more questions and a desire to learn and experience more. Naturally, we wanted to do more ghost hunting. So we started to discuss where we would like to investigate, and how we can better approach an investigation.

One night I got a call from Tanya, and she says "We should start our own paranormal investigation group". I was fully in as soon as she suggested it. Being part of a team provides a bit legitimacy. Trying to get permission to ghost hunt at a location as a sole person, or even a group of two, is difficult. However, an organized group with a name/website/etc seems to give people a sense of professionalism, and thus is easier to get permission to enter buildings at night. And so Empty Casket Paranormal was formed.

With me being an engineer and Tanya a very rational and logical person, we wanted to approach paranormal investigation in a very scientific way. We needed to collect data, lots of data. In an attempt to make a correlation between paranormal events and measurable environmental conditions, we set out to focus more so on obtainable data than on the ghost hunting itself.

We record the mental, physical, and emotional state of our team before an investigation. We also record astronomical information such as moon phase, solar flares, etc. During an investigation, we keep track of temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, carbon monoxide, magnetic fields, RF, and electric fields. All of this is see what the environment is like before, during and after a paranormal event.

We are looking forward to seeing what kind of trends we find in the data collected, and will report our findings here...stay tuned.


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